What We Do

International Services

When travelling overseas where ever your destination is, we will provide service worldwide and help your pet to avoid any quarantine. Whether you are travelling to USA, Europe, Canada & South America we can help you and also make it easier for your pet.

Veterinary & Travel Document

You’ll need to meet the animal health requirements of the country you are visiting. As soon as you know where you are heading and when, talk to your local veterinarian. He or she can help you work through the pet export process. This can involve getting a health certificate, updating vaccinations, completing disease testing, and having your paperwork reviewed and endorsed by APHIS.

Customs Clearance

Agents all over the world to assist you with Customs clearance, assist with permits and Quarantine ( If required).

Health Checks

We take care of your pet starting from picking to the final destination. Good health of your loved ones is our top priority.

Direct Routes

Direct Routes both Domestic and International with potty breaks and crate refresh.

Delivery at Destination

We deliver your pet to a new home, friend, relative at destination.

Tracking Services

We provide full tracking services for all pet shipments. You can easily track your shipments online.

Quality Airline Crates

We provide quality airline crates, custom crates and crate extenders.

Choose How You Want Us to Deliver Your Pet!

Wave Space Pet Transport staffs are well trained and prepared to assist with the challenges involved in transporting animals domestically and internationally. While on transit, all animals are in specially designed compartments that are pressurized the same as the passenger cabins. When on the ground, both aircraft and warehouse facilities are climate regulated and controlled for the comfort and safety of the animal. Here our main objective is to ensure your pet's relocation is safe and stress free!